PofE 092:Doing MORE With Less

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Learning to Do More With Less

A survey of business owners asked them what their biggest struggle in trying to do more with less was. Approximately 23 percent of respondents admitted to feeling overwhelmed while 18 percent said it was their lack of knowledge. Another 5 percent said their lack of control stood in the way of their success. An overwhelming 54 percent admitted that insufficient resources stood in their way. Even if you have unlimited funds, it is vital to do more with less if you want to build your company culture. There are several different ways that you can make your resources stretch further.

Transformational Change

PofE 091: A Structured Approach To Transformational Change

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IT or Business transformation calls for a structured approach with a 5 step framework:

  • Strategy
  • Value Capture
  • Capabilities
  • Company Culture
  • Road Map


No matter how small any business starts out, ultimately, it will need to transform in order to keep up with a competitive environment. Whether your business approach changes as a result of your customer base, expectations, or the growth of your labor force, it is important to take the right approach in order to shape every aspect of the transformation process.

The Mentality Behind Change

To change in a way that can capture the essence of your business approach, one of the most important things to do is think about doing it in a way that can prepare you for the transformation. Think of it in terms of metamorphosis where a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. You are taking an existing model and turning it into something even more incredible and beneficial.