Transformational Change

PofE 091: A Structured Approach To Transformational Change

IT or Business transformation calls for a structured approach with a 5 step framework:

  • Strategy
  • Value Capture
  • Capabilities
  • Company Culture
  • Road Map


No matter how small any business starts out, ultimately, it will need to transform in order to keep up with a competitive environment. Whether your business approach changes as a result of your customer base, expectations, or the growth of your labor force, it is important to take the right approach in order to shape every aspect of the transformation process.

The Mentality Behind Change

To change in a way that can capture the essence of your business approach, one of the most important things to do is think about doing it in a way that can prepare you for the transformation. Think of it in terms of metamorphosis where a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. You are taking an existing model and turning it into something even more incredible and beneficial.

With this mindset, you can begin analyzing your business for ways to achieve the most desirable change. Portraying the willingness and eagerness to innovate is one of the most powerful ways for you to present your company and share your story with your audience. Whether for your investors or end users, achieving the most dynamic type of change can result in a much more recognizable company.

Pursuing such change isn’t feasible on a day-to-day basis, but it can be the start of a more recognizable company. Transforming the business from a retail location to an online store, for example, can be one of the many ways your approach can change.

The Structural Process of Change

Not all change occurs overnight, and as a business owner, it is crucial to plan and prepare for it effectively. In order to achieve the change that your company needs to thrive in a healthy environment, you should keep several principles in mind.

The first step is to adjust your strategy in order to capture the value of your company. You want to focus on your company's goals and audience in order to better establish yourself in the market. Think about the objectives that you want to attain and how you can adjust your business approach in order to realize them. This means structuring your company's growth through a comprehensive road map or step system.

Identify your company's capabilities as well. In addition to changing the way that your company operates, you want to make sure that it’s still recognizable in order to solidify your customer base. What does your company do well? How can you improve on such aspects?

Finally, never underestimate the importance of creating a culture that works. This means encouraging your employees and continuing internal practices that can drive results and optimize success. Focus on business culture strategies that work and always strive to encourage your employees to become a solid part of your business.

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