The Go-To Carbon Accounting Platform
For Your Business

Turnberry Premiere has partnered with Greenly, the leading carbon management platform, to help companies start their climate journey easily and affordably.

Are you challenged with developing your sustainability strategy and Green House Gas (GHG) reporting requirements? In the near future not having a sustainability strategy could cause some suppliers to loss contracts and revenue.


Turnberry Premiere and Greenly will help suppliers understand the steps to create a sustainability strategy and meet their GHG reporting requirements.


Meeting these requirements will help suppliers gain new business, recruit climate-conscious employees, and potentially grow their revenues as preferred suppliers to their clients.

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Carbon Management
With Greenly

Greenly makes carbon management simple and intuitive for companies of all sizes to let them fast-track the transition to a net-zero-carbon economy.

In practice, Greenly’s SaaS enables companies to measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprint based on international carbon accounting standards such as the GHG Protocol, while engaging their ecosystem, from employees to suppliers, on their climate journey.

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Greenly’s technology automates data collection & carbon analytics through integrations with over 100 enterprise softwares, including accounting, travel, cloud data, electricity vendors etc. As such, for the company is disrupting a market typically dominated by large consultancies performing ad hoc assignments for enterprises.

Clients & Partners



Climate experts, data scientists, engineers


Customers: tech, manufacturing, energy, logistics, construction, food, finance


Physical and monetary emission factors, sector


Countries: USA, Canada


Raised with Energy Impact Partners & XAnge


Offices: USA, UK, FR

Integrating Greenly with more than 100 business applications

Greenly makes it possible to automatically quantify a majority of emissions-generating activities, to minimize manual data entries and to fast-track measurement. Typically, accounting data, energy or data centers consumption (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, etc.), as well as eCommerce activity (Shopify, etc.), can be imported directly in the platform. These integrations make it possible to monitor emission generating activities in real time.
Thanks to an extensive library of more than one hundred thousand emission factors, Greenly converts these activities into emission metrics and generates a carbon disclosure report compliant with international standards (Greenhouse Gas Protocol).
Greenly also offers e-learning and engagement modules to mobilize company employees, and allows them to take ownership of the topic in full autonomy.
For large companies, it’s also a way to associate their supplier networks with their decarbonization efforts, by benefiting from a more economical solution to decarbonize their supply chain. With its technology, Greenly automates the analysis of data collection by integrating in real time with the accounting or billing data of more than 100 software solutions.