Turnberry Premiere

Trusted Advisor to CIOs and PMO Executives

Turnberry Premiere helps organizations “Develop a Culture That Works.” We work with organizations and individuals to deliver the Right Projects the Right Way and improve their Performance and Profits. We help them to Grow their People to deliver a better Customer Experience and Results.

Do you struggle with:

  • Projects and Programs that are not delivering their promised benefits
  • Company Culture Confusion or Company Culture Drift
  • Bad estimates/ missed deadlines
  • Scope creep
  • Changes in leadership in the middle of the program
  • Lack of sponsorship and engagement
  • Insufficient resources
  • Lack of Buy-in from the business or your delivery team
  • Poorly defined goals and objectives

Image if you could:

  • Enhance project portfolio management capabilities resulting in increased project throughput and speed to market.
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency through streamlining your portfolio management processes, resulting in a reduction in operational cost.
  • Improve visibility in managing critically constrained resource utilization and availability across your project portfolio environment, resulting in an optimized portfolio that creates velocity in your business.
  • Provide answers to critical portfolio questions through better portfolio prioritization, resulting in better decision making while enhancing senior executive consensus and alignment.  

If you’d like to get started on this and discovering how to improve your work culture then click here to learn how to avoid the 11 most common culture mistakes.