PofE 092:Doing MORE With Less

Learning to Do More With Less

A survey of business owners asked them what their biggest struggle in trying to do more with less was. Approximately 23 percent of respondents admitted to feeling overwhelmed while 18 percent said it was their lack of knowledge. Another 5 percent said their lack of control stood in the way of their success. An overwhelming 54 percent admitted that insufficient resources stood in their way. Even if you have unlimited funds, it is vital to do more with less if you want to build your company culture. There are several different ways that you can make your resources stretch further.

Developing Skills

The first way that you can do more with less is to develop your own skills. For example, buying an inexpensive book on Amazon will help you learn new skills that you need to be successful. By reading several books, you'll have a variety of opinions on the best way to approach a task.


Another way that you can learn to do more with limited resources is to network. This is especially true if you can find people from culturally diverse backgrounds as they may approach a problem or task in a way that has never occurred to you before. Additionally, make sure that you are a member of professional organizations in your field. The knowledge that you pick up from listening to experts can be invaluable to your success.


Professional coaches often charge a lot for their services. Therefore, consider bartering with them. Think about the skills where you are an expert. Then, offer them those skills in exchange for being your coach. A great place to connect with potential coaches is on LinkedIn. Look for groups related to your field or located within your geographic area. Do not, however, eliminate a connection because he or she is located far away; great coaching can occur over the internet.


The final way to do more with very few resources is to partner. When you make connections with professionals in diverse fields, you will find that they may have clients who need your services. Since these clients already trust your contact, the expense of obtaining them as a new client is greatly minimized.

While insufficient resources are listed as the number one problem in doing more with less, it doesn't need to be a problem for you. Start by developing your own skills to strengthen your weaknesses and increase your capacity to do more in less time. Make sure to network with other professionals and seek out the services of a great coach. Partnering with other professionals can help you build your clientele and grow your business.

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