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PofE 011: Resources for Continuous Improvement

Growth - Continuous Improvement

 “Our lives improve only when we take chances – and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves,” -Walter Anderson.

Frank Lloyd Wright:

  • Was commissioned to design and build the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan.



  •  Built a reputation as a thought leader in the architectural design industry and was a visionary change agent of his time.
  • Designed and constructed “Fallingwater,” voted the most famous building of the 20th Century by the American Institute of Architects.
  • Worked to learn and once he gleaned all he could, he moved on to his next employer.

Frank Lloyd Wright worked to learn. His career goal was to be the best American Architect the world has ever known. He realized that to accomplish this goal, learning would need to become a lifestyle. He also understood the importance of being mentored by experts and was willing to submit to their guidance as long as there was something to be gained from the experience.

Do you develop learning goals on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily basis to increase your capabilities and core competencies? Do you have a mentor that you meet with on a regular basis or an educational program that provides you feedback on your development? Below is a list of links that I have found helpful in my continuous improvement journey. I hope that they will help you as they have helped me.


Continuous Improvement Resources by Topic

Below are a number of websites and blogs that I have discovered over the years that I personal visit on an ongoing basis. Hopefully you will find these to be as valuable as I have.

a)      Personal Growth

i)        John Maxwell:

ii)       Brian Tracy:

iii)     Listen to books on the go with Audible:

iv)     Nightingale:

v)      Learn a new language on the go:

b)      Spiritual Growth – Christian

i)        The Bible

ii)       Biblical Scholar Douglas Jacoby:

iii)     Bible History:

c)       Family

i)        Gary Smalley:

ii)       Focus on the Family:

d)      Fitness and Health

i)        Brain Fitness Program:

ii)       Body for Life:

iii)     Golf Academy:

e)      Professional and Business acumen

i)        McKinsey:

ii)       Gary Hamel: (The next Peter Drucker)

iii)     Mind Tools:

iv)     Corporate Executive Board:

v)      Writing:

f)       Executive Leadership & Continuous Education

i)        Cornell University Online Continuing Education (Yes, you should shoot for the moon!)

ii)       UC Berkeley Online Continuing Education

iii)     Executive Training:


Principles of Execution Key Concepts:


  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Goal Setting
  • Continuous Improvement


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