PofE082: 7 Principles For Developing A Culture That Works Training Overview


An Overview of Seven Guiding Principles


Understanding these seven straightforward ideas will help your organization implement change and create a culture at your workplace focused on common goals.

When we think about the success of companies such as Ford, Amazon and Toyota and how they brand themselves and implement corporate-wide changes, we see that they take a holistic approach. They aren't just thinking about systems, processes and tools but about their entire organization. If you distill this holistic approach into seven simple principles, you can more easily accomplish your transformational goals and help your organization achieve greater success.

Clarify Your Vision

You and the rest of your organizational leadership need to understand and communicate your vision. If you're seeking to improve customer retention or become the number one best-selling product, you need to make sure that vision is sharply focused and that you're communicating it to everyone within your organization.

Establish Your Values

Your values are going to be the guidelines and processes that make it possible for you to govern behavior. Think about the workplace culture that you want to create and how you can generate actionable values. You can track and act upon values such as integrity and collaboration with the right tools.

Promote Buy-In

Everyone in the organization needs to believe in these changes. They need to believe in the vision and promote the values that you've established. Remember, buy-in is a team sport.

Tell Stories

One of the best ways to create buy-in is to tell stories that communicate your organization's uniqueness and its history. Your stories can help reinforce your values and further communicate your vision.

Determine Best Practices

Take a look at the processes and tools your organization is using and look for ways to deliver something simple that will get you reliable and repeatable results. These best practices should be in line with your values.

Focus on Your Environment

The workplace environment is more than just the desks, the coffee machine and the actual building. Think about things like your software, your processes and even the chit-chat in the break-room. Our environments have a huge impact on the way we think, so ensuring your organization's environment is in line with your vision and values is of immense importance.


When you combine all of the previous six elements, you still need to work together as a team to make sure everything is seen through to implementation and beyond. Put all of these ideas into action.

Each week, we invite you to join us for a video that will go into more detail about the principles outlined in this video and in my book "Culture is the Bass: 7 Principles for Developing a Culture that Works."

If you're looking to take your organization's delivery culture to a new level, I invite you to have a chat. Whether or not we decide to do business together, I am confident that our call will be full of insights and actionable steps to help you improve your strategy execution culture. Here's a link to my scheduler: If the date and time that you need are not available, please send me a message to request a date and time that works best for you. I look forward to meeting with you!

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