PofE 043: 42 Apps for iPhone That Will Increase Your Productivity – Part 4 of 4


“Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done.” –Peter Drucker

Part 4 – My favorite apps, numbers 31 – 42:

31. Pandora: Pandora is an internet music app that allows you to listen to music from your favorite artist and also hear other artists that are in the same genre. The app has a free version which includes commercials and a subscription service for a low monthly cost that is commercial free.  Pandora allows you to create radio stations or music channels and is a great way to discover new music.


32. PayPal:  PayPal is the mobile app that allows you to make payments and receive funds without sharing personal financial information. This mobile app is free to use and only supports personal PayPal account. The app also supports making payment to local merchants that accept PayPal payments. This is a great way to track payments or funds received on the go.
33. Pulse: I was very saddened when I heard the news that Google reader will be going away in July 2013. So, I found another RSS reader for my iPhone which allows me to create multiple categories and migrate the RSS feeds I've captured overtime using Google Reader. Pulse allows me to review articles, magazines, blogs and newspaper write ups in an environment that is beautiful and easy on the eyes. The app also allows me to save interesting stories to read and reference later. 
 34. Regus: The Regus app enables me to have access to the global office service for Regus' temporary or permanent space at a very low price. The app works with my membership card and for only $29 a month I have access to their corporate business lounge wherever Regus has an office location. I use the Regus gold membership card while traveling or working in the D.C. metro area as I go from appointment to appointment. When I have time between appointments and need to get work done I can use the mobile app to find a Regus office close to where I'm at or that is closest to my next appointment. When I arrive at the office, I show my card and use their business lounge to work in a quite and comfortable environment. 
 35. Shazam: Have you ever heard a song and wanted to know who the artist was so that you could add it to your iTunes library? Shazam is a mobile app that allows me to capture the name of artist, the name of the song and a ton of information on their touring activities. Using the app is very easy. You simply start the application and tap on the listening wheel and it listens to the song and then searches its database and locates the specific recording that you are listening to.  
36. Sky Drive:  The Sky Drive app enables me to connect to Microsoft's cloud services that allows me to access documents from my various devices. I'm able to access documents on my iPhone, my Windows Surface Tablet or my corporate laptop. Yes, I love technology. 
37. Skype: Skype is an app that allows me to make a video call from my iPhone. Skype is a very popular application but if you're not familiar with it, you need to check it out. It's great, especially when you're traveling and you want to see your family when you're calling home after a long day of meetings. 
38. Trip Tracker: Trip Tracker is an application that I discovered out of necessity. I was traveling to Florida to visit Mom and when I arrived at the airport my flight was delayed for three hours. I had not received a phone call from the airline or paging service to notify me of the delay.  So, while at the airport with nothing to do I downloaded the Trip Tracker application which allows me to track flights and alerts me if there are any delays. 
39. Voice Recorder:  Voice recorder is a great application for creating voice messages or recording meetings and then convert them into MP3 or MP4 files.
40. WebMD: WebMD is an app for the website and it provides a lot of the same information as the full website. It allows me to review health information, medications tips and updates on medications. If you have a question about your health you can quickly access information on the Web M.D. app to quell your concerns. Also, when you're prescribed a medication and you want to understand all of the impacts, you can access that information and research the particulars  about the medication.
41. Golflogix: If you play golf and like to learn about and find really great golf courses, the Golflogix app is a must. The app allows me to locate golf courses in my area or while traveling and it provides comments from other golfers on the courses I may be considering to play. The app has a GPS finder and allows me to track my score as well as identify the distance between holes. When locating a golf course, the app provides pricing information, their address, phone number and will allow me to call to make a reservation tee time.
42. Zite: The Zite App is an incredible news application I use to categorize the types of articles I'm interested in reading. Once I discover an article that I like, I click the heart button and it will refresh the newsfeed with additional articles of similar content. It's a great way to read multiple websites and news articles and share with my Twitter followers, LinkedIn network, Facebook friends or email them to a select group of friends, family or colleagues.

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  1. iPhone is always has been my favorite mobile device since it released and the apps are being developing for iPhone, totally out smarting every other apps. Thanks.

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