PSGS 038: Expert Interview with Rich Maltzman

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Today we are speaking with Rich Maltzman, PMP, co-author of several books on Project Management, including the Cleveland Award-winning Green Project Management, and most recently, Bridging the PM Competency Gap, co-written with Loredana Abramo, PMP.  The two co-authors offer assistance in PM competence building via their consultancy Continuous Learning Environment (CLE Advisors). Loredana Abramo, PMP® […]

Resource Management

PofE 070: Making The Most of Your Constrained Resources

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Achieving and maintaining an optimized resource allocation process is difficult and is a highly diffused process. During this webinar recording, I will discuss ways to address this issue and review the following how to items:   Create a pull resource planning process  Develop a systematic capacity process  Implement a principles resource center decision framework Practical Steps […]