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PofE 053: Willis H. Ware – Inducted Into The National Cyber Security Hall of Fame

Cyber attack concept in word tag cloud isolated on black background"When the satisfaction or security of another person becomes as important to one as one's own, then a state of love exists." -Harry Stack Sullivan

 Background and Challenges:

  • Mr. Ware was born in New Jersey on August 31, 1920.
  • His father worked as a delivery man using a horse drawn wagon after being discharged from the U.S. Navy.
  • During his formative years, he lived in Pleasantville, New Jersey where his father worked for A&P, a chain of supermarkets in the Northeast of the United States.
  • Around the time that Mr. Ware was 10, his parents moved him to Amber, Pennsylvania where he  became interested in science after receiving an Erector as a Christmas present from his mother. This gift opened the door for Willis to experiment with various Erector sets each Christmas as he saved money over the coming years to purchase his next set.
  • During his high school career, Mr. Ware was honored to have Mr. George Meyer as his math  teacher who also became his mentor and coach. Mr. Meyer influenced Mr. Ware to apply to the University of Pennsylvania where he pursued a degree in engineering.
  • After attending the University of Pennsylvania, Willis then attended MIT and Princeton University to receive his MS and PhD in engineering respectively.
  • Between the time Willis attend MIT and Princeton, he was offered and accepted a position with the Hazeltine Laboratory, where he worked on classified programs with the military.
  • In 1951, Mr. Ware accepted a position with the Institute for Advanced Study, where he worked with Mr. John Von Neumann on the first computer in Princeton, New Jersey. A side benefit of accepting this position was an offer to attend Princeton University where he completed his PhD for free. WOW!
  • In 1963, Mr. Ware published two books that were the result of a comprehensive course on information technology he developed for UCLA's extension program.
  • While living in California, Mr. Ware worked on a project that included collaboration between IAS, IBM and RAND. When a key person on the project broke his leg in a skiing accident, senior management of RAND offer Mr. Ware a position to ensure that the project would not fail, and the rest, as they say, is history. Willis H. Ware


  • Inducted into the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame (
  • Pioneer in Information System Cyber Security
  • Under President Gerald Ford, he developed a report that is the foundation for the United States Federal Privacy Act of 1974

What can we learn?

Below are a few cyber security resources that I would like to share. Please feel free to provide additional resources that you would like to share with the Principles of Execution community.

Website References:

Principles of Execution Key Concepts: 

  • National Cyber Security Program
  • Cyber Security Act
  • Cyber Security Legislation

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