Consulting Methodology

PSGS 002: Portfolio Management Consulting Methodology

"Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else." -Judy Garland

PSGS Consulting Methodology

The purpose of the Portfolio Strategies & Governance Solution blog is to share my insights and lessons learned as a Portfolio Management & Governance Consultant.  The topics I will cover throughout this blog will focus on my consulting practice methodology which consist of the follow components:

•Principles of Execution Assessment (Current State and Future State Recommendation)

•Identify Current and Target Operational Model

•Identify Current and Target High-level Enterprise Architecture

•Establish Priorities (Portfolio Strategies)

•Design and Implement an IT & Business Value Model

•Implement a Performance Management Capability (Metrics and BI)

I will also discuss various aspects of how the Microsoft Project Server, SharePoint Server and SQL Server platforms can be used to provide critical enabling technologies but with more of a business focus regarding the use of these tools. The goal of implementing any technology to support a company's Portfolio Strategy is to provide empirical information or a data driven portfolio management process.

Data Driven Portfolio Strategy

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