PSGS 015: Book Review: Strategic Project Portfolio Management

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"Strategic Project Portfolio Management" fills a gap in the literature of project, program and portfolio management books by providing a comprehensive approach to managing IT investments based on Simon Moore’s experience as a Financial Portfolio Manager for Putman Investments and as a Charter Financial Analyst. The book is targeted at an executive audience, with the goal of enabling them to understand how project portfolio management empowers organizations to better map project investments to the overall strategy and goals of the organization.

The premise of the book is that portfolio management is key to enabling an organization to execute by improving the proposal submission and project ideation process. Investment Portfolio Workflow is a key component of portfolio management and should be at the center of an organization’s project portfolio management capability design. Many organizations approach project selection in an ad hoc manner, but high performing organizations achieve results by utilizing portfolio management to select the right projects based on data driven modeling that optimizes the cost of accomplishing their strategic initiatives.